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Saturday, March 24, 2018
I really have sucked lately at keeping my blog updated.  Well I am going to try to do better :)  (Hey don't might be true LOL)
Ok just wanted to do a big huge update with some new stuff in stores now!  With Easter right around the corner and Spring...well trying to make an entrance, here are some kits that should brighten your day!  You can find them at my stores...
and SnCo…
I also have a new CU Template pack in at Mysticals 
Something new I also have started designing at CDO!  You can find my Inspired by Kits and bundles HERE
Plus I have exclusive CU template packs at CDO!!!  You can find those HERE

I hope you all enjoyed the update!  I promise not to stay away so long this time!  See ya with new updates!  Happy Spring ♥

Saturday, August 26, 2017
Everyone knows that I am totally an Autumn and Halloween girl!  So Yes I have started making Autumn and Halloween kits LOL.  You can find them both and all my other IB kits HERE.

Happy Shopping!!
♥, Me
Monday, August 21, 2017
How about a special Sale...since it's my birthday in 3 days...I would like to offer a deal, from now until midnight on August 24th my BMS is $30 if you purchase it and send me a message or email, with your receipt, you can also get one for a friend, or you could split it and only pay $15 each! BMS includes PU kits and my CU. The BMS does not include any licenses though. Or you can purchase $5 worth of my products and send me an email or message with a screenshot of your receipt and you can get a coupon for an additional $5 to spend on my products. Happy Shopping!!

New products in the Store
2 CU packs Exclusive to Mystical Scraps HERE
Haunted Couple and The Little Witch

New PU kit and clusters in Stores 
Mystical Scraps HERE
Treasured Scraps HERE
Scraps N Co. HERE

Waiting for Autumn

NEW at CDO...

CDO's Summers End Collab is now live, you can find it here...
You can get this collab for FREE if you buy any 3 CDO scrap kits between now & 10pm PST 31st August 2017.
You can buy ANY three kits you want - An Inspired By kit, a mini, a regular, a mega kit and even artist bundle kits. You can also mix and match, it doesn't matter who the designer is! 
You can find my kits HERE...
Here is a preview of my part of the collab!

Happy Shopping!!
♥ Crys

Monday, June 26, 2017

Regina De Luporum (Book 2 of new series)
Carrie Hogle
Romance, Drama & Suspense

What's the Queen of Wolves to do with unlimited power, a loyal pack, unmet vengeance, a scarred heart, and nothing but time? Ruling the current world power, by means of the elite Luporum Cubilia syndicate, leaves no room for error or emotion. What do you choose when a lone wolf offers the ultimate temptation at an unknown price? When the pieces on the board are set, the game is underway, and the lines between predator and prey are blurred, the probability of death is high. If the cost is a life, who is going to pay? Regardless of perception, time stands still for no one.

*Warning: If you have read the Willing Surrender Trilogy, this series is darker, gritty, raw & highly emotional.
If you have not read the Willing Surrender Trilogy, this series is written as a standalone...but, if you would like the full relationship history & character evolution, give it a try. (Link Below)
Be sure to add it to your Goodreads list!

Regina De Luporum Series:
Luporum Cubilia
Regina De Luporum

The Willing Surrender Series:
Willing Surrender
Willing Sacrifice
Willing Redemption

Author, Designer, Paranormal Fan, Poetry lover, Coffee Aficionado & Eccentric Extraordinaire. An Anthropology major with the heart of an artist & a gypsy soul. Always mischievous & a little bit bad ;) For an earth sign, I'm kind of random. Mostly I'm the girl with headphones on & notebook in hand.

I may write "romance" but always expect realistic emotions & natural progression. I don't write insta-love & I don't always promise a happily ever after. My characters are flawed & raw, my stories are emotional & will rarely take you where you expect to go.

All forms of art are reflections of someone's soul. Always take time to appreciate the emotions & stories you're continuously surrounded by.

I know it seems like forever since I updated my blog.  Life has gotten really busy :(  But I do have new stuff in stores, lots of new kits and CU packs.  Here are a few of the new ones, head to one of my stores and check them out!

2 New Tagger size kits now in stores! Curiouser & Curiouser and Wandering Through Wonderland can be found....

Don't miss out on these adorable Shopping Trip CU packs. Exclusive to Mystical Scraps…

Working on a CU freebie for you all too!!!  
Have a wonderful Week!!!  Don't let your Monday blues get you down Hugs!!

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